Use Refapp

Here is how you use Refapp for digital reference checking. Let us walk you through the process!


Create your project

Create your project, choose a questionnaire and the language you wish to communicate with. When you have added your candidates, you can choose to send them a request to submit their referees or add the referees by yourself.

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Send the questionnaire

Send the questionnaire to the referees, by email and/or text message. Or, if you prefer to do a traditional reference check by phone, invite the referee to a phone call using Refapp’s calendar-booking feature.  


The referees submits their references  

The referees complete the questionnaire using their computer or smartphone, and you get a notification when answers are submitted. 

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The references are collected in a structured and neat report

Refapp collects the answers in a structured and neat report that you can read and share with colleagues online or download as a PDF.

Do you want a demo of Refapp? We can assist you in a physical meeting or online, whatever suits you best. Get in touch and we will tell you more!