Refapp Subprocessors and

Customer data stored
Storage location
Company EU registration number
DPA agreement url (Google drive or public)
Company EU address
Additional customer data processed
SMS service
Candidate and referee name and phone number in SMS messages
Stockholm/Uppsala, Sweden
2002/58/EG instead of GDPR, see
Dragarbrunnsgatan 78C, 753 20 Uppsala, Sverige
Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Refapp servers
Profile images for Refapp users and validated referees Company logos (not GDPR)
Frankfurt, Germany
Kungsgatan 49 111 22 Stockholm, Sverige
All data that the Refapp system handles: Refapp user data and logs, candidate and referee data
Google Workplace
Mail and document storage for Refapp
Support mail that may contain customer data
(EU/EES) Dublin, Irland, Eemshaven, Holland, Fredericia, Danmark, Hamina, Finland St. Ghislain, Belgien.
368047 (Google Ireland Limited) SCC (Standard Contractual Clauses) for data transfers
368047 (Google Ireland Limited) Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Dublin
Handles transactional mail (mail sent out to individuals as an effect of an action, e.g. a click on a button)
Recipient email addresses and subject (title) for transactional mail
Frankfurt, Germany
524 536 992
13-13 bis, rue de l’Aubrac 75012 Paris, France.
Mail content with links to Refapp and candidate and referee names (e.g. notification mail)
MongoDB Atlas
Refapp main database. Candidate/referee data is encrypted and cannot be accessed by MongoDB Uses AWS as a sub-contractor for cloud services
Refapp users: email, name, title, audit log with IP addresses Company names Project names, candidates and referees with their contact info and answers (ENCRYPTED)
Stockholm, Sweden
524 536 992
Building Two Number One Ballsbridge Dublin 4 Ireland
Zendesk Inc
Support system
Support tickets that may contain customer data
Frankfurt, Germany
CVR-nr: 30801830
SCC (Standard Contractual Clauses) for data transfers
Snaregade 12 3, 1205 København K