With our integrations, it is easy to create a smooth workflow by starting and managing your references through your existing HR software.

LinkedIn Talent Hub

Initiate the reference check in LinkedIn Talent Hub and Refapp automatically sets up a project. Visit Refapp to send questionnaires to the referees via email or SMS. When all references are collected, share the report back to LinkedIn Talent Hub and have all information gathered in one place.


Automatically create your reference checking project from Teamtailor to Refapp and get continuous updates on new events in your project. The answers are collected in a professional reference report, shareable with a link.

Visma Recruit

At the click of a button in Visma Recurit you create your reference checking project in Refapp. Collect your references and get the referees’ answers presented in a report in Visma Recruit.

Do you want to know more about our integrations?


Work as efficiently as you always do in Jobylon and initiate your digital reference checking in Refapp. Receive email notifications about new events and get the answers gathered in a report that you can share with your colleagues or customers by a link.


Add Refapp as a step to your regular workflow in Workbuster to easily initiate and manage your digital reference checkings and generate your reference report.


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