Elevating the reference checking journey: HumanTrust and Refapp

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Danish recruitment agency HumanTrust is dedicated to creating exceptional recruitment processes at all levels. Peter Bang Fasting Bauer, Founder & Partner and Eva Dam Jørgensen, Communication Officer, share how digital reference checking with Refapp not only saves crucial time for human interactions but also improves the entire reference checking experience!

Ensuring the right match for both organisation and candidate

HumanTrust prides itself on facilitating the ideal match between companies and candidates, emphasising shared ambitions, aligned values and a strong interpersonal connection.Peter_A_web

"While academic qualifications and professional experience are important factors, our primary focus is on personality, motivation and potential. We believe this approach sets the stage for lasting and successful relationships between employers and employees,” says Peter.

Crafting a compelling brand that attracts top talent

"Since our launch in 2013, we have invested significantly in building a robust brand and community. From a strong social media presence to a focus on delivering a superior recruitment experience, these efforts have resulted in a significant pool of top candidates to match with our clients. The use of tools such as Refapp that simplify and improve the way we work has been central to this, explains Eva.

Overcoming the challenges of traditional reference checking

"While reference checking has always been an integral part of HumanTrust's recruitment processes, the traditional approach presented challenges. We struggled with the amount of time spent scheduling, managing and summarising phone calls. We also reflected on how we could make the reference experience less time-consuming and more value-adding for both our candidates and references,” describes Peter.

Seamless integration with the recruitment system

In 2022, HumanTrust tackled these challenges head-on by seamlessly integrating Refapp with their recruitment system, Talentech.Eva_A_web

"The integration means that we initiate a reference check for a candidate directly within our regular workflow. We make a few communication settings and select one of our predefined role-specific questionnaires to ensure we gather relevant insights," explains Eva. 

Refapp then sends a request to the candidate to provide the contact details of their references, to whom the questionnaires are automatically sent. If a reference wishes to speak on the phone, we schedule it through Refapp and add the notes directly into the questionnaire so they are accessible alongside the other references. When all the answers are submitted, we receive the completed reference report in Talentech,” continues Eva.

Refapp has been one of the easiest tools for us to implement and learn, and with the greatest results for us! It's very user-friendly and smart.

What Humantrust values most about Refapp:

  • Creating a better reference checking experience. Not only for themselves but more importantly also for candidates and references.
  • Reducing the time per reference from around 50 minutes to less than 10 minutes.
  • Minimising bias and making the process fair to candidates by asking the same questions to all and keeping the questions relevant to the specific role.
  • Gaining relevant and reliable information.
  • Automatically receiving a comparable and visually appealing reference report to share with clients.

zeut5kPbTc6Embracing the digital approach

"Before using Refapp, some team members were sceptical about the whole digital approach. However, after a single trial, they quickly recognised it as a brilliant, efficient and user-friendly solution. Now the whole team relies on Refapp and is experiencing its positive impact on our daily work," concludes Peter.

About HumanTrust

HumanTrust A/S is a Danish recruitment agency dedicated to creating extraordinary recruitment processes at all levels – from CXO’s to specialists. With a special focus on trust, transparency, and respect, the company takes pride in ensuring the right match for both the company and the candidates based on whether both parties experience shared ambitions, matching values, and not least strong chemistry across the table.


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